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Enterprise culture of Kaiyisi
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Industrial fast shutter door induction main device of radar type, ring type, remote control type, pull rope type, button type, chain type (according to customer demand for setting).

1, the radar control: according to customer requirements can be installed in any position in the top of the both sides of the door or gate, the radar range can be arbitrarily adjusted according to the need. In a forklift truck, people, manual forklift into the radar range, fast automatic door automatic opening, shorten your time of access, safe, fast, convenient and reliable.

2, double-sided magnetic control: according to customer requirements in rapid roll door before and after burying ground geomagnetic link, reduce rapid rolling doors and other objects is induced after frequent open, and the number of times, thereby increasing the rapid rolling door of life and better protect the workshop environment and health.

3, the interactive chain: when open the first door, the second door frame door is in the closed state, the first door is closed, the second door to open

4, airbags, curtain bottom mounting pressure sensor protection switch, when the door body is decreased stress around 2 kg can be automatically rebound, the people and objects to good protective effect.

5, remote control: remote control distance of 30m, with 2 remote control.

A door, Kai billion -- fast shutter door advantages a door -- door, Kai billion rapid development

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