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Quality pledge of Kaiyisi
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We have high quality and professional service team and provide full service support and guarantee to all users. We uphold the "maintenance of product quality, ensure market credibility, and meet customer demand" service concept, allowing users to enjoy efficient and convenient service.

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Zhengxun installation contractor

Kai Si billion company in order to adapt to the continuous development of the performance, in various regions of the country wanted installation contractor. The installation contractor will receive installation tasks from the company and require installation work to be completed on time and in accordance with the installation quality standards set by the company.


The cooperation between Kai Ho and its installation contractor is based on the annual agreement of the installation contractor, and the relevant sub contracting agreement is signed according to different projects.

I. work content

§ The installation contractor is responsible for the installation and acceptance of the products in the range

§ Implement and complete the installation task according to the construction schedule。

§ Ensure all quality standards are installed to mend Kai billion company to install Adams

§ Undertake the after-sales service within the warranty period as stipulated in the sales contract。

二. Requirement

§ Having the formal business license of the State Administration for Industry and commerce, if any professional construction qualification is preferred.

§ 2-3 field leaders with professional project experience.

§ Have no less than 10 skilled workers.

§ Have a special operating license (electrician, the welding).

§ Experience in building construction.

§ Requirements must be dedicated to the installation of product gates and discharge products.

§ Work closely with Kai Kai's installation manager.


Interested parties, please contact the company: 0551-65637619.

Or through the following e-mail address contact: 1197976690@qq.com

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